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  • 2007
    • November
      • Breeders Cup & more
        We just got back from NYC what a great time we had. Breeders Cup was terrific with two great days of racing instead of one this year. The weather didn't cooperate on Friday but Saturday was a pretty decent day. Handicapping was challenging with the off track but overall we did pretty good with

    • October
      • Gaile's picks for Sunday Oct 21st Belmont
        Race #1 Granny Franny, Hollywood Classic, Malaysia
        Race #2 Comprise, Nite Fight
        Race #3 Sargent Seattle, Smoke'n Coal, Rollers
        Race #4 Freakstein, Port Bonhuer, Blowing Kisses
        Race #5 Dr Cal, EZ Phone Home
        Race #6 Wesley, Tizsilk, Coal Play
        Race #7 Remarkable Remy,

      • Gaile's picks Sat Oct 20th Belmont
        Race #1 Expect the end, Merriweather Jessica, Sibley
        results- Expect the end 1st, Meriweather Jessica 2nd, Sibley 3rd
        Race #2 Post Exchange, Z Fortune, Dixieland Star
        results- Z Fortune 1st, Dixieland Star 2nd
        Race #3 Big Truck, Be Bullish
        results- Big Truck 3rd
        Race #4

      • Gaile's picks for Fri 10/19/07 Belmont
        Race #1 Admirality Arch, King of Jazz, Dual Jewels
        results- Dual Jewels 1st, King of Jazz 2nd, Admirality 3rd
        Race #2 Zachary Cool Pants, Cowboy's Carress
        results- Zachary Cool Pants 2nd, Cowboys Carress 3rd
        Race #3 Thiella, Crystal Minnuet, Star Dixie
        results- no winne

      • Gaile's picks for October 18th Thurs Belmont
        Race #1 Lemon Shore, Half a Note, Straight Romance
        results Lemon Shore 1st, Straight Romance 3rd
        Race #2 Wild Quake
        results Wild Quake 1st
        Race #3 Diamond State, He's a Pioneer
        results-Diamond State 1st, He's a pioneer 3rd
        Race #4 Pay in Kind, Sabrina, Dutrow

      • Gailes picks Wed 10/17
        Race #1 August Song, River Mountain Road, Bailero-
        results Bailero scratched no winners this race
        Race #2 Golden Horseshoe, Can't Bluff Mulvey, Martha's Mandate- results Golden Horseshoe 2nd and Martha's Mandate 3rd
        Race #3 Military Major, Lethimthinkhesboss, Taking the

      • Gailes' picks for Sunday Oct 14th 2007
        Race 1 County Letreim and Go Michelle-result stinky race not in top 3
        Race 2 Stormy Winter, Yeah Me, Fashion Queen-result Stormy came in 1st and Fashion queen came in 2nd
        Race 3 Roi Maudit, Blue Sky God, Brooklyn Boy-result Roi finished 1st, Blue Sky God finished 2nd
        Race 4 Mercy'

      • Gailes picks for Fri 10/12/2007 Belmont
        Well we're just starting this as an experiment. Gaile has decided she doesn't love picking in advance. She says that seeing how the track is playing during the races, seeing how the horses behave in the paddock and last minute changes influence her choices in each race and doing it in adva

      • Gaile's picks for Thurs 10/11 continued
        Race #5 Bayou Timber has a good wet tomlinson figure and he's pretty darn consistent. #7 Always Albert looks very good and so does #4 Pay Attention who could take them all. No strong feeling here for me.

        Race #6 Another maiden race and a Statesbred claimer. If #5 Sand and Song takes

      • Gailes' picks - Daily I will enter Gailes favorite selections for each race at Belmont
        Belmont 10/18/07 It's a wet one at Belmont which can always make handicapping more difficult

        Race 1 - This is just a bad race. The favorite could win by 10 lengths or not finish. Stay away! Unless you have a good longshot and I don't.

        Race 2- It will be hard to catch

    • September