Breeders Cup & more 
We just got back from NYC what a great time we had. Breeders Cup was terrific with two great days of racing instead of one this year. The weather didn't cooperate on Friday but Saturday was a pretty decent day. Handicapping was challenging with the off track but overall we did pretty good with several winners. The horses were all beautiful as usual with the highlight for me being Curling. He looked just spectacular in the paddock and really stood out. We go to the Breeders Cup every year and Monmouth did a good job. We just sometimes wish they could move it up a week or two so the weather is better at some of these venues.
We got to see our horses which is always the biggest highlight of any trip. We love them all and there all so sweet.
We were able to see Sweetsingin Anita run on Sunday 10/28 6f on the dirt. The track was off a bit but she really didn't have any excuses and ran last. It was very disappointing.
Romp ran on Wed 10/31 1 mile on the turf. The track was off again and the times were slow all day. Since he's a come from behind kind of guy he had trouble making up enough ground on the front runners and finished third. Longshots finished first and second so we felt pretty good that Romp got up for third although we were really hoping he would win. He set up well in the race.
Well that's all I have for now. Gaile is planning on adding her two cents. Gotta love this sport. By the way no more picks by Gaile. She really doesn't like doing it and says it's impossible to do accurate picking the night before.

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