Gaile's picks Sat Oct 20th Belmont 
Race #1 Expect the end, Merriweather Jessica, Sibley
results- Expect the end 1st, Meriweather Jessica 2nd, Sibley 3rd
Race #2 Post Exchange, Z Fortune, Dixieland Star
results- Z Fortune 1st, Dixieland Star 2nd
Race #3 Big Truck, Be Bullish
results- Big Truck 3rd
Race #4 Ice Cool Kitty, Light Tactic, #1 Entry
results- Ice Cool Kitty 3rd
Race #5 Tishmeister, Cute Cognac, Jesses Justice
results- Cute Cognac #1,
Race #6 Factual Contender, Latitude Forty, J'Ray
results- Factual Contender 2nd, Latitude Forty 3rd
Race #7 Stormin Normandy, Iri A Numbers Grey, Ferocious Fires
results- Ferocious Fires 1st, Stormin Normandy 2nd, I'm a Numbers Guy 3rd
Race #8 Red Zipper, Juror, Al Basha
results- Al Basha 1st
Race #9 Naughty New Yorker, Indian Hawke, French Transition
results- no winners
Race #10 Dubliner, Tobruk, Raynicks Farm
results- Raynicks Farm 1st, Tobruk 2nd

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