Gailes' picks for Sunday Oct 14th 2007 
Race 1 County Letreim and Go Michelle-result stinky race not in top 3
Race 2 Stormy Winter, Yeah Me, Fashion Queen-result Stormy came in 1st and Fashion queen came in 2nd
Race 3 Roi Maudit, Blue Sky God, Brooklyn Boy-result Roi finished 1st, Blue Sky God finished 2nd
Race 4 Mercy's Delight, Lady Rizzi entry, Mia-result Lady Rizzi came in 3rd
Race 5 Peleiu, CT Phone Home, Cruiswear- result CT Phone Home 3rd
Race 6 Dabbaas, Oedpus O'Neal, Pick Six-result Pick Six won
Race 7 Strummer, Mighty Gulch, Favorite Sweep-result Strummer was 2nd, Mighty Gulch was 3rd
Race 8 Stormy Kiss, Society Hostess, Genuine Devotion-result Stormy Kiss came in 1st
Race 9 Dean's List, Shapira, Calla Lilly-Shapira came 1st and Calla Lilly came in 2nd
Race 10 Timber Trick, Melissa Jo, Music Note- result Melissa Jo won and Timber Trick was scratched at the gate

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Gailes picks for Fri 10/12/2007 Belmont 
Well we're just starting this as an experiment. Gaile has decided she doesn't love picking in advance. She says that seeing how the track is playing during the races, seeing how the horses behave in the paddock and last minute changes influence her choices in each race and doing it in advance screws all that up. None the less I have asked her to at least pick her favorites the night before so I can post them. She may not pick in some races if she doesn't like them but for the most part she'll pick one or two in most races. If you're playing along good luck..she's happy to offer tips on her handicapping skills to those who are just learning.

Race#1 #6 Miss Buddhafull, #1a Monetary Cali, #4 Gilded Thread all have a chance in this race. It rained and the track will be off so this race demands some caution

Race#2 Stay away not a good race

Race#3 #4 Leonardo if the gets an easy lead he should be long gone

Race#4 Another tough race but #3 Parade of Beauty has speed which is a good thing in the mud

Race #5 II would have to with the Linda Rice entry #1 SS Crafty and #1A Tahoe Warrior at a short price. I'll also put something on Leah Gyamatis' gelding at good odds since the best race he's run #4 Southack was in the mud

Race #6 If he looks good in the paddock I'm all over #2 Diamond Tough in here. Wesley Ward clicks at 31% 2nd time out. Also it's his first time with lasix.

Race#7 Not betting this one

Race #8 #3 Dorm Fever should be tough in here but I'm going with #6 City Bird. It will all depend on how the track is playing. Watch out for #9 Lady Malboro

Race#9 This isnt' a total tossup. #5 Raynicks Cat and #7 One Classic Flaxen both have good off track tomlinson figures. Both 1st timers too - with decent works.

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Gaile's picks for Thurs 10/11 continued 
Race #5 Bayou Timber has a good wet tomlinson figure and he's pretty darn consistent. #7 Always Albert looks very good and so does #4 Pay Attention who could take them all. No strong feeling here for me.

Race #6 Another maiden race and a Statesbred claimer. If #5 Sand and Song takes to the mud she will be long gone. #6 Moo Shu Baby by Buddha is a first time starter with a huge wet track tomlinson (414) has a shot

Race #7 I have to go with #7 Metro Meteor. This horse is as good as they come. Really just depends on whether he handles the yielding turf. Usually speed does well on yielding turf so don't leave out # 4 Southern Prince. Watch #3 Citifest may have a shot.

Race #8 Anything can happen here. If I had to pick a horse to win it I would have to go with #8 Lady Renaissance for her consistency, but anyone of these could win.

Race #9 - #3 All the Rightnotes, #13 Sweet Bama Breeze and #5 My Anna Rose all come from out of the same race. I like the #3 and #13 the best but I also like the #8 Nicole Cat who closed well in her debut on the dirt. I will bet a 4 horse tri box with #3, #5, #8, and #13. Good luck! If this race comes off the turfI'm all over the #1A Cruisewear or #8 Nicole Cat

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Gailes' picks - Daily I will enter Gailes favorite selections for each race at Belmont  
Belmont 10/18/07 It's a wet one at Belmont which can always make handicapping more difficult

Race 1 - This is just a bad race. The favorite could win by 10 lengths or not finish. Stay away! Unless you have a good longshot and I don't.

Race 2- It will be hard to catch #1 All Expenses Paid- with Castro up. With the rail and the drop in class it should be all he needs but at a short price. Watch out for 2 first timers as well. #6 EZ Dollar, and #8 True Rebel both have good wet track breeding.

Race 3 - This is one the these races where anybody could win- so I'll take a longshot with the hot jock #5 Gimmaroutine although I don't like the race.

Race 4 - I like #2 Saratoga Chance. Ran a credible race on the turf at 6f- the added distance should only help. If #7 Fairy Godmother takes to the turf she may be long gone.

More added in a few minutes....

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Welcome to Sisters Talk!! 

Welcome to SistersTalk. We'll be adding content soon so stay tuned!

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