Making thoroughbred ownership a reality...for you
A Word From Gaile Fitzgerald

RL and Gaile

My love of horses started when I was just a baby. I learned to read a racing form as a four year old and started working as a hot walker when I was seventeen. It's in my blood. I've worked with horses all across the country and I've been to most tracks in the US and Canada. I've followed the performances of hundreds of horses over the years and have been a handicapper all my life. Every race is still a thrill, from the starting bell to the finish line.

Having seen the abuses and waste in the sport I have made it my mission to offer affordable, dependable partnerships in a humane and healthy environment. I want to make it possible for those passionate about horses to experience the thrill of owning their own racehorse through an economical and realistic investment. From the paddock to the winner's circle, I want to offer you access to the world of racehorse ownership.

As a woman who worked in the thoroughbred industry, I know first hand how difficult it can be. I want to support women in every aspect of the sport, including training our horses, riding our horses, buying our horses and especially owning our horses.

As manager I enjoy open communication with members, offering an educational environment where all are encouraged to learn more about the sport and to cultivate relationships with other owners.

We at Sisters in Racing develop young horses, always with the intent that no horse will be left behind. This is my mission and my pledge. All our team has the same philosophy.