Making thoroughbred ownership a reality...for you
The Sisters in Racing Difference

Royal website photoSisters in Racing  purchases horses either as yearlings, two year olds in training or through claiming. We then offer each horse as an LLC racing partnership. Individuals can choose a horse in which they would like to buy a percentage of ownership. Sisters in Racing retains a percentage of ownership in every horse. Gaile Fitzgerald manages all the day to day operations of the LLC partnerships. Leah Gyarmati trains for us at NYRA tracks in New York.

Our first priority is the care of the horse and their positive progression. We will make every effort to follow our horses throughout their career and see that they all have a happy ending. With Sisters in Racing:
  • Quarterly financial statements are provided so partners can see where every dollar goes.
  • Partners receive prompt emails on workouts, entry plans and other news, such as how their horses are progressing, how they are training, when they are entered to run, and statistics on their finishes.
  • Partners who satisfy minimum ownership requirements are eligible to be licensed owners, with free clubhouse admission, parking and backstretch access.
  • 1% of our horses' earnings are contributed to backstretch and thoroughbred retirement charities.
  • Horses are not marked up for resale to the partnership; what we pay for a horse is what the partners pay.
  • Management fees are kept to a minimum. Itemized fee structure available upon request.