Sweetsinginanita website photoWelcome to Sisters in Racing. From the spectacle and excitement of the race, to the pride of ownership. We are dedicated to those passionate about the sport of horse racing, and we bring the thrill of owning a competitive thoroughbred within reach.

Sisters in Racing is focused on the buying, training, racing and retirement of competitive thoroughbreds. Our main focus is to provide women the complete ownership experience, without the high cost of full racehorse maintenance and upkeep. We also want to support women in their endeavor to earn a living working in the thoroughbred industry. Partnerships in these horses are sold to individuals in limited groups through an established LLC. This offers a very real, tangible feeling of involvement and a personal relationship with your horse.

You can invest with confidence, knowing that your horse will be treated with the utmost care. As a partner, you can discover more about the sport–experiencing the thrill and satisfaction–while developing friends for life, both human and equine.

It's All About the Horse

Sisters in Racing  is committed to the health and happiness of every horse we own, even after their racing days are over.  Throughout a racing career, training methods are humane, with the horses' best interests in mind. The horses are treated as individuals so they can live up to their full potential. After a racing career is over, Sisters in Racing will do everything we can to ensure a safe and happy retirement.  See our retired horses gallery.

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Sisters in Racing
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